FAQ: What's the point of boudoir after marriage?

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

Common concern: "My husband and I have been married for 5/10/34 years... what's the point? He's seen me naked on a regular basis by now."

Response: He may have seen you naked, but he has also probably seen the following on a regular basis: 

  • Birthing Children
  • Throwing up with a stomach virus
  • Scrubbing the toilet with rubber gloves
  • Pissed at the world
  • Food stuck in your teeth

Here are some reasons for YOU to do a boudoir session regardless of years of marriage:

  • He may have seen you dressed to the 9's for a date: Here's a chance to permanently capture how beautiful you can be. 
  • He may see you naked, but does he often see you in lingerie? Since the honeymoon, that is?
  • Spice things up by surprising him with an album and/or sneak a boudoir photo in his briefcase/suitcase/sock drawer. ("Surprise - remember how hot I am?! You're welcome.")
  • Do it for yourself. Feel pretty again. Break out of the mom role for a day and capture your hotness for a lifetime. 


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