Preparing for your OWN boudoir session.

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Here are a few tips and tricks to help prepare you for your big day! Not your wedding, not your birthday... your OWN day, your boudoir session, the day you've been excited about since you've heard of Boudoir photography. 

  • Hydrate. Right now. Sparkling water counts (I'm addicted to La Croix and you should be too). 
  • Lotion it up. You don't have to buy $50/bottle Laura Mercier lotion (though it's AMAZINGLY worth every penny). Jergen's Shea Butter works just as well for less than $7 a bottle. 
  • Eat healthy. I'm not telling you to go on a diet or lose weight... a healthy diet makes a happy body and a happy body helps you feel confident. 
  • Do pushups. If you're constantly putting on your makeup in the carpool line or deciding between going to the gym and the grocery store, try the 7-minute work out found here. Do it everyday until your session. Also, getting the endorphins flowing won't hurt. 
  • Remove negativity from your life. Life lesson #132982, but also a great way to boost your confidence for your session. Surround yourself with positivity and people who make you laugh.
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