Boudoir Myths

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If you've heard about Boudoir and are wondering what it is and is not, you're not alone! Here are some common myths and misconceptions debunked to settle your nerves once and for all:

Boudoir is NOT: 

  • "Dirty" pictures.
  • Pornography. (no, no, NO!)
  • Necessarily for anyone else's eyes but your own/ your significant other's. (I will NEVER share your photos on social media, etc without your explicit permission).
  • always nude photos. You don't have to be completely nude if you don't want to be... we can do a shoot where "less is more".
  • Only for brides. You can be single, divorced, widowed, etc. and boudoir is still for YOU.

Boudoir IS:

  • Personal, and personalized for what YOU want and like.
  • Tasteful.
  • As modest as you'd like it to be, but I will probably gently push you just a little - I want to bring your sexy side out. 
  • Guided by my instruction. I won't leave you feeling too awkward and like you don't know what you're doing. That's what I am here for!
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