It's lights, action, that order.

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I wanted to share with you guys a variety of images that will show you how makeup, posing, and lighting affects images... all to prove that you can trust us to make you look awesome! Boudoir sessions don't involve you just showing up and me snapping some photos... I provide direction to pose you and position you in the correct lighting. The following images are three drastically different "looks", but all done by Andrea, one of the makeup artists that I use. Think about which style would you like for your boudoir shoot!

With each set of photos, there is a "before" on the left and "after" on the right... 

before after_0001.jpg

Above: Before makeup/hair, and after makeup/hair.

Above: Dramatic makeup and hair - before and after posing and lighting.

Above: Romantic makeup, big wavy hair - before and after posing and lighting.

What do you think would be your preferred style? I'll take "all of the above" as an answer, too.  

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