There's a reason for everything: Boudoir included.

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Everyone has a different reason for wanting to come in for a boudoir session. There's usually an occasion, event, thought, or idea you have in mind that leads to you researching/asking/Pinterest-ing and booking a session. I personally booked my first boudoir session immediately following a relationship breakup (the breakup ended up lasting only 18 hours, but the photos are for LIFE! Also, I can't guarantee you'll un-breakup just for booking but I can guarantee you'll feel HOT and awesome about yourself). In the past month alone, women have come to me with the following reasons for wanting a boudoir shoot: 

  1. I've had 4 miscarriages and I simply want to feel beautiful again.
  2. It's for my wedding anniversary. 
  3. It's a wedding gift for my husband.
  4. It's a birthday gift for my boyfriend.
  5. I have a husband that recently cheated. 
  6. I just left an abusive relationship.
  7. It's for my 40th birthday. Go me. 
  8. I want a boudoir session with my "pre-baby" body. 

WOW... right? Everyone is different... can you imagine all of the reasons you have to treat yourself or someone you love to a boudoir session?

Here are a few of these courageous, beautiful, and special women (all of which are named Jane Doe - what a coincidence!)- in no particular order:

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