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I wanted to show you what my studio space looks like! My studio is a Loft in Midtown Atlanta, Georgia; right in the heart of the city (click here for a map). It's nice to have a visual ahead of time so you can visualize yourself in the space. Plus I want you to feel as comfortable as possible going into your shoot!

boudoir studio atlanta

The brass frame turns into a bed frame; The antique-y looking mirror is used for an effect that lets you see multiple angles. 

atlanta boudoir studio

The mirror again! And removable see-through curtains are used for a soft, romantic effect. 

atlanta boudoir studio blog tour photography_0007.jpg

Chairs, chairs, chairs! All three have very different looks to give variety for photos.

boudoir studio in atlanta

Accessories! Pillows, lingerie, and jewelry pieces that you may have forgotten to bring or may not have realized would look fabulous in your photos. 

boudoir atlanta studio

A view of the furniture, all with multiple uses. The orange "mad men" couch also folds out to form a bed.

boudoir studio in atlanta georgia

Workspace! And a couple of hand weights for mini workout sessions aka purse hook. 

atlanta georgia boudoir studio

Shall I explain the champagne and two glasses? :) Also, a broader look at the windows and natural light. 

atlanta georgia studio boudoir

A mix of old and new! Film and film camera. And perfume!! I have a lot of feminine/make-you-feel-pretty things just laying around for your indulgence. 

photographer boudoir in atlanta

And me! Come meet me and check out the studio for yourself! I'm excited to meet you!

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