"The best week of my life!"

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Aaaaaand I'm out and about again!  It may or may not prove to be the best week of my life, but that's what the advertisement for this conference on the WPPI website is telling me. This week I am at a conference in Vegas for wedding and portrait photographers. The conference is put on by the organization ‘Wedding and Portrait Photographers International’ (WPPI). it’s put on every year, and I’ve wanted to go for the past 5 years but this is the first year I can go. Don’t let the fact that I'm in "Vegas" mislead you… I’m not reenacting a Photographer’s version of ‘The Hangover’. Mostly I am going in order to better myself as a photographer, meet new vendors and colleagues, and see in-person some of the best products available to pass on to you! 

Here are some things I’ll be doing in Vegas:

  1. Going to an 8:00am class about posing.
  2. Going to another 8:00am class about lighting.
  3. Networking with boudoir photographers around the country, sharing stories/tips/tricks.
  4. Viewing a print competition.
  5. Maybe winning a billion dollarz.

Here are some things that I WON’T be doing in Vegas:

  1. Sleeping in.
  2. Meeting Mike Tyson.
  3. Losing 39 hours in a casino.
  4. Taking part in any ‘What happens in Vegas’ commercials.
  5. Working on my tan.
At the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino   

At the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino


First of several coffees of the day, I'm sure...

First of several coffees of the day, I'm sure...