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Top (hat) o’ the week to ya! Say that in whatever accent you choose :)

But, no, really.... Miss B brought a TOP hat to her session (that was a first, but I loved it!). I wondered if it had special meaning to her, if she was a part-time magician, etc., and she simply said “Saw it on my floor on my way out the door and thought it looked cool!’. I mostly have US Weekly and bubble wrap on my floor, but I’m sure we could find some way to make it ‘hot’.  The point is, the thing you bring doesn’t have to be special and you don’t have to overthink it.. it can just be something fun, simple, and random. 

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Of course... there are manyyyyy additional props that have been brought in to studio outside of this top-hat number. For instance... check out this corded phone (wait, WHAT?! yep, they still exist).

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Part of booking your session with us is getting to go through your wardrobe with our client manager, Kelsey. She'll not only assist you with arranging your session wardrobe, she also helps when it comes to prop ideas! Never be afraid to run an idea past us... if it is personal to you it will mostly likely work well for the session.

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Here are just a few items we've had clients bring in:




Balls (all kinds ;) )

Riding crops

Body jewelry




'Toys' :)


Liquor bottles






... and more :) 

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