One thing to do for yourself today...

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It's Friday. The end of the week, the beginning of the weekend. Maybe this week was amazing for you, and you aren't ready for it to end. Maybe this week was hell in a hand basket and you cannot wait to sign off for the next couple of days. Maybe it was a little of both? Wherever you are in life at this moment, here is one thing that you can do for yourself to start the next 48ish hours off right, and refocus your mind. 

Look in the mirror and tell yourself out loud one thing that you love about your body. 

You should probably do this in the car or another private place, or you may get some weird looks. But hey, if someone catches you...challenge them to do this, too! Maybe we'll start a chain of self-appreciation this weekend. There aren't rules on what you can love about your body. Do you have killer eyebrows? Amazing shoulders? An awesome chin? Boobs galore? Beautiful eyes? Pretty feet? Tell yourself. You might need to hear it. 

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