Single? Boudoir can be just for YOU.

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If you're doing boudoir just for YOU, great! Here are some ideas to make it all about you:

Personalize! Do you like dark and mysterious, or bright and airy? How about both? It's all up to you and what you want out of your session. You don't have to consider what anyone else likes or doesn't like, this is all about you. Make a pinterest board with your ideas and invite me to follow!

boudoir black and white atlanta
light and airy boudoir atlanta

Make it a special day or two. Get a mani/pedi the day before, have your makeup and hair done the day of your boudoir session, and after your session, go to the spa! You've come this far, why not go all out?

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Props! "There are a lot of posts about props for “him” - shirts with his favorite team, etc. What about if I’m doing this for myself? What if I’m the one that plays guitar or paints?"  Bring them in!!  Props that are for you and your personality, with no one else in mind.   If you like to bake, bring in an apron and icing! If you play guitar, bring it! Together, we can design a fun shoot; it doesn’t have to be all lingerie!

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