FAQ of the day: "I love/hate my ______"

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

"I really love my butt. Can we focus on that for the session?" Or, "I really hate my ______, can we crop it out?"

I want to focus on what you LOVE, but if I know you don’t love a certain part, I don’t focus as much and am aware of that when I’m photographing it in order to make it look the best I can. I don’t necessarily hide your less-than-loved features, but with posing I'll enhance the more desirable parts.  If it’s not your favorite feature but would love to have a great picture of it, please trust me to put you in a flattering position….listen to me for these poses...i’ll usually show it on the back of the camera so you can see how great you look while we're working!

backside boudoir atlanta own boudoir
bridal boudoir atlanta
own boudoir atlanta boudoir photographer photography_0082.jpg
lady on a bed boudoir atlanta

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