To makeup or not to makeup, that is the question.

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Question of the day: Can I do my own hair and makeup? Does booking an artist to do my makeup make a huge difference in photos?

1.  Booking a makeup artist for your boudoir session can enhance your experience. Let someone else who is an artist and expert make you feel like a supermodel for the day. Less stress on you and more time to drink Champagne as you're getting ready. 

2. Makeup application and knowing what looks right on you is a very hard thing to pull off (there's a reason people make an entire career out of it!), and unless you’re 100% confident in your ability and/or have been a Mac/Clinique/Sephora makeup artist yourself I would recommend booking a makeup artist through me or with someone you know.  Also keep in mind that this is makeup specifically for a photo shoot, and the camera may pick up on details that your eye isn't trained to see.  If you want to do your own, that's 100% ok! I just ask that you bring your makeup to the session in case I have some tips or suggest a different lip color/ more foundation/ less eyeshadow, etc.  

3. If you're not typically a 'makeup person' in your everyday life, more power to you! I am a fan of natural beauty (also, I'm bad at applying natural beauty is the result of my insufficient skill). HOWEVER, you do need some makeup for your photo session. Again, digital photography captures minute details that you don't see in the mirror. Bring in some primer, mascara and lip gloss at the bare minimum. Or we can tell your makeup artist that you want a natural look. 

4. "I’ve had my makeup done before and I hated it”.  This makeup application process is a little different because I am here watching making sure it's looking good for the camera, you get updates as the artist applies, and if you want to change it, you can. You aren't our 'masterpiece' and we won't be offended if you want to change the color on your eyes or add more bronzer. You're the boss, here.

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