Who's the boss?

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

"How much of my own input and ideas go into the session? I saw two hundred ideas on Pinterest and I like all of them..."

A) Get off of Pinterest and go get some fresh air..


The short answer is yes, I absolutely value your opinion and ideas! After we book your boudoir session, I send out a detailed questionnaire asking everything from your favorite snack and drink to what your preferred style is, and if there are any photos that you feel represents your style and what you'd like to see in your photos. If you have a preference for light and airy, for example, I'm not going to make your photos look dark and mysterious, and vice versa.

The second part of my answer is that it's ultimately up to me, because I've done this 1001 times and I have a good idea of what looks best for various body types and looks. We can try your suggestions but sometimes they might just not work, and I'll let you know. It is absolutely in my best interest to make sure that you look amazing, and I refuse to take a bad picture of you! :) Seriously, I am dedicated! When you leave it up to me, the outcome looks better - remember, this is what you're paying me for. That and my winning personality. 

If you want 100% control over a photo shoot I hear that the iPhone 6 has a selfie camera. 

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