Question of the day: What if I don't like my photos?

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You may wonder, "What if I don't like my photos?"

Maybe you can even relate to the common concerns (these are things I have actually heard clients say they worry about):

  • A friend of mine did a boudoir session and hated her photos.
  • I've done boudoir in the past and hated my photos. 
  • No one can do my makeup like I can.
  • I am self-conscious of my chin/ legs/ small chest/ dark skin/ lazy eyes, and you don't know how to photograph that. (WHAT? YES I DO! Next concern, please)
  • I'm not photogenic.

Well, ladies, you no longer need to be concerned. 

  • I know how to photograph you. I will tell you how to hold your face, body, legs, hair. I see light and shadow in ways that you probably don't and I know how to work it to your advantage. 
  • You choose the photos you want. 
  • If you really don't like your photos, we will do them again until we get it right. 
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