FAQs- Cellulite, Clothing, and Champagne

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During this installment of boudoir FAQs, we'll talk through a few of the questions that almost all women ask me when they first book. Since most women ask me these questions I figure it's time to address them for everyone so that maybe you don't feel nervous about approaching the subject with me. If you want me to expound further on any of these, then shoot me a message or a comment.  

1) I have cellulite! And jiggles, and ripples! Will my photos look as great as the ones on your website? 

The short answer is: yes. Then comes the second question: 'How?'. The truth is, I've had maybe 5 women come in that didn't have cellulite, jiggles, and ripples. It's a part of our gorgeously feminine bodies that are biologically primed to have the perfect cushion for babies. Kidding, but seriously. There are many things, before photoshop, that I can do to 'get rid' of those areas. Those things are what separate my images from the trashy-naked-bathroom-selfies. The way that I light you, pose you, and clothe you can dramatically effect the appearance of such jiggly bits. After the shoot I will airbrush your skin and clone out 'flaws' (if needed). The final image is one that you will recognize and love. 


2) Do I need to bring my own lingerie and clothing? 

Lingerie is a deeply personal thing. We go a hell of a lot more personal when you're talking about being photographed in the lingerie.  Since everyone's bodies, preferences, and styles are so different I do ask that you bring your own lingerie (or any items that you'd like to be photographed in). 

Plus, there are just some things you shouldn't share.

I do have a collection of items for us to choose from, but most of them are just to compliment the items that you bring. After we complete your booking I will help you decide where to shop and what to bring, so even though it's up to you– it won't be left completely up to you. Helping my clients choose their outfits is part of what makes their images perfect.


3) I might need some champagne..... or absinthe.

Honey, I have champagne for days and enough Tequila to celebrate Cinco de Mayo 4 times over. Needing a little liquid courage puts you in the 'completely normal' category. If you have special requests or dietary restrictions just let me know. I'll share some glasses with you because it's a (tame-ish) party.



Andddd for blogs sake, here is a picture during the beginnings of a session!

Andddd for blogs sake, here is a picture during the beginnings of a session!