How will you know what I want?

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Communication my dear grasshopper, communication. I most certainly cannot read your mind, and when it comes to us being photographed in our skivvies I am sure that your mind's dialogue includes about 8 different contradictory voices that only speak in metaphors. 

So, my loves, we communicate. This starts at the beginning of your inquiry to me when you tell me what you're looking for. It continues through the booking process when I send you a detailed questionnaire asking about your style and preferences. After that we start the Pinterest boards and photo-emailing. I'm sure the NSA is totally weirded out by the amount of sexy pics that arrive in my email on a daily basis, but I digress. 

Women are so different. We hear it every day, but it's the truth. There are a zillion (fact) different styles that could be captured in your boudoir session. What if you don't know what you want, or what if you want all zillion of those styles? We'll work together to make sure that the best and most gorgeous version of you is captured, and captured well. Boudoir is about bringing out your own beauty, style, and sensuality. Part of my talent is seeing what lies unique in each person– that's how I'll know what you want. 



And here is a photo because everyone loves to see pictures: 

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