Inside information: A boudoir client interview

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Time for another round of client interviews... or rather ONE client interview. My favorite quote from her experience?


"Free yourself"

Check out her interview and images below: 


1) How old are you? I am thirty years old.

2) What do you do for a living? I am a school counselor.

3) What/who made you decide to book a boudoir session? I was turning 30 and wanted to celebrate myself and my body, which has taken me awhile to get comfortable in.  I wanted to celebrate being comfortable in my own skin.

4) Did you have any obstacles or fears about boudoir? I felt pretty comfortable about the session.  Once I got there, it was let go and let loose!

5) Why did you choose OWN? I did a google search and OWN came up.  The prices were extremely competitive as I did do some shopping around.  When I spoke to Sarah over Skype, I loved her personality and her openness.  I felt very comfortable with her, even then.  Not to mention the pictures on the website.  Very flattering, unique, and impressive.

6) How was the actual session different from what you expected (if at all)? I was surprised that I was so comfortable.  I didn't feel ashamed, or shy.  I didn't even feel that I needed to go behind doors between sets to change clothes.  It was very professional and laid back at the same time.

7) What was your favorite part of the entire experience? (priming, the shoot, seeing images, giving the images..etc) Come on!  How can I answer this?  My favorite part was probably the shoot.  I felt so free.  I felt so beautiful.  I felt confident.  And if I can choose a second favorite, it was when I received an email of my images.  I was so excited and pleased about the images I had chosen.  I must have opened the file twenty times the first day.

8) How has the response been to your images? I've had several people, young and mature, decide that they would like to do a shoot themselves.  They love how tastefully sexy they are.  They love how one can take nude or boudoir pictures, and they still look classy.  And any guys I've shown, well, you take a

9) Any advice for women interested in such a session? Do it!  Don't second guess yourself.  Don't overthink it.  Just book.  You will not regret it. I had a friend that was so scared to do them, and after seeing mine, booked her session.  She felt so free afterwards.  Free yourself.

10) Did anything change about the way you see your own beauty as a result of this session? I know that I'm one bad chick! I feel more confident, because OWN is able to capture you're true beauty, OWN is able to somehow make you feel more comfortable in letting go, stepping out of your box, and being your true self.


One of my favorites from her session. Love that hair!

One of my favorites from her session. Love that hair!

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