Be kind to yourself

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I posted the image below earlier on my Facebook page, but I thought that I should write about it as well. 

The image is lovely, I am very proud of it, and I am very proud of Caroline who is the woman in the image. The Oscar Wilde quote is one of my favorites, and it presents advice that I think we as people - and especially as women- forget to listen to. 

' love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.'

It is so important that we love ourselves. Sometimes, we're our only friend. To not love ourselves is to situate us completely alone in those instances when it seems that no one else loves us, either. 

I've known Caroline for the better part of half my life. She has grown into an amazingly beautiful woman - and she believes that about herself. Her husband loves her, her family loves her, and SHE loves her. Loving ourselves is a process, and one that she certainly fought for. The result is a woman who is as beautiful as ever and who is ready for the journey ahead. 

Be kind to yourself, love yourself. Doing so will give you a familiar friend for your journey.

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