Behind the (boudoir) scenes: Video Shoot

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Tuesday was a crazy day for my studio. I have wanted to shoot a 'behind the scenes' video for a while, and Tuesday was the day to do it. Shooting a video seemed extremely glamorous and 'simple' in my mind... I mean, how hard could it be to talk about something I know and am passionate about? Of course I would also look really hot while doing it and the sound of my own voice would no longer terrify me but would be reminiscent of sweet songbirds.

I think I slept 12 hours that night. Exhausted!!!

Big thank you to the guys that came and filmed around 5 women while we dished about hair and makeup, clothes, shoes, and our insecurities.

I had meant to post more images but I only snapped one BTS image from the day. Luckily there is a video coming soon... Right?