Take a look at my own Before & After!

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

The before & after. Oh the horror!! I think that I constantly terrify my clients when they sit down bare-faced in the hair and makeup chair thinking that they are safe only to have me in their face with my camera. I'm not trying to scar them, I just love the transformation so much that I believe it should be well documented. Since I ask my clients to surrender to the before & after, I thought that I should surrender as well. 

Behold, my before and after. Here I am on the left, workout gear courtesy of Old Navy, hair and skin courtesy of the day before. My 'afters' are what follow. You should have seen me trying to do these glorified selfies.  

***I'll also take this time to make a point that you shouldn't stress too much over what you're wearing in the shoot . In these images I was wearing a cardigan by J. Crew purchased on super-sale, and some workout leggings by Old Navy (currently 40% off!!). 

before and after boudoir atlanta
before and after boudoir atlanta
atlanta boudoir before and after