After dark: Shooting boudoir at night

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In a perfect world, myself and everyone of my clients would have incredibly flexible schedules, no problems with traffic, the ability to teleport somewhere over 3 hours away, and zero morning breath (wouldn't that be nice? Get working on that, Colgate).

It's true that the majority of my sessions take place during the day. My studio is light-filled and a lot of the shots that I show you are taken with natural light that's only available during the day. However, I realize that not everyone can make it during the day... Hell, sometimes I can't even make it during the day! 

Enter nighttime shooting— It's different, and it's a challenge, but the results can be amazing. The image below was taken after the sun had been down for hours. Now that these Atlanta days are shorter, nighttime boudoir will happen a lot. Since schedules are crazy, I want to be accommodating for whatever is ruling your time.

Can't make it until 8:30pm on a Tuesday night? I'll see ya then (insert quip about things that happen after dark).