40 and Fabulous | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

Posted on by sarahwitherington@gmail.com

Recently (read: this past Sunday) I had a group of women come in for one of my Boudoir Parties. These events are always so much fun, and rarely is there ever a 'reason' that the party is being thrown. This party was no different. These women came in just to have a great time and look hot while it happened. We drank champagne (though a couple of us poured some whiskey), ate cheese, received the Kardashian treatment from the fabulous Raney O'keefe, and celebrated how beautiful we all were in this moment.

As we talked we reminisced, and as we reminisced we showed our ages. It came up that one of the women was turning 40 here pretty soon. She screamed 'FORTY' as she talked about it. The rest of the women chimed in, they all around the same age and added that they felt more beautiful now than they ever did at 25. As I began to show them sneak peeks of their images on the back of the camera It was clear that they were also feeling more beautiful than they did when they walked through my door.

We celebrated, laughed, and shared secrets to making flat boobs look bodacious. Forty and fabulous, I'll say. Check out their 'sneak peeks' below.