Here are 3 things in your closet that are PERFECT for your boudoir session | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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Let it be known that you do not have to run out to your nearest lingerie store in order to outfit your boudoir session. Some of us just do not have the time and patience to try on bra after bra, find the perfect heels, or figure out how to tie a corset. Of course those are all 'boudoir activities' that are fantastic, but they aren't for everyone. 

This is where your closet comes in! Your boudoir session should be about choosing to be YOU and choosing to say 'yes' to your own beauty and sensuality. I'll assume that the clothes in your closet represent you in the best way, and so what better place to find the perfect boudoir wardrobe than your own closet? If you're looking at your closet and you hate it then might I recommend coercing a friend into helping you have a closet-intervention ;).

Here are 3 items that are likely to be in your closet and would work perfectly for your boudoir session:

  • White cotton tank top (or any basic cotton-ish tank top)
    • This wardrobe option is probably one of my MOST requested items/photos. I have plenty of tanks in my studio closet, but you probably have them in YOUR closet, too! It's a great option for those wanting a wide spectrum of abilities out of one piece. It can be worn casually or we can pull down the straps and wear it sensually. The options are vast! 
white tank top boudoir wardrobe


  • A pair of jeans or jean shorts or any sort of denim-on-the-bottom.
    • I know I just said 'any' sort of denim on the bottom, and one of you is going to show up with denim chaps. That's fine. I'll photograph the hell out of it. Really, though, jeans and denim are incredibly sexy when photographed correctly. Pull down the zipper, let a hand 'wander', show a little skin with a few rips and tears.... I guarantee you'll love these images.
denim cut offs boudoir wardrobe


  • That Little Black Dress
    • This is likely one of my most favoritest (yeah that's a word I made up) options for clients. It allows you to remain clothed if you'd like, but it also REALLY caters to the power of suggestion and the whole 'less (skin) is more' idea. We can unzip the dress, pull it sensually up the thighs, let the hands wander... etc. You get the picture ;) And if you don't get the picture, let ME get your picture. 
black dress boudoir wardrobe