After dark (and work!) | Atlanta Boudoir Photographer

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How do you boudoir images look when you're coming in for your boudoir session in Atlanta during the winter, or even after work?


Here in Atlanta not only has it gotten significantly colder in the past few days, but in the past few weeks it seems like it's getting significantly darker at... oh, say 3PM???????? 

What is this nonsense?

Of course, it isn't actually getting dark at 3pm, more like 5:30 or so, but for this Atlanta boudoir photographer it definitely means that a lot of our boudoir sessions must take place after dark. 

When our clients are searching for inspiration photos for their boudoir session it is often that a majority of them will have a bright, lighter feel to them. For someone who is coming in after work, say 6pm, for their session we KNOW they are worried that the images they really love will be near impossible to get. 

Fear not! The great power of lighting is to the rescue! Leave it up to us to whip up some lighting sorcery for your session so that if you can't make it into the studio until after work you are still able to have an amazing set of images that YOU love. 

*Disclaimer: I can't fake a sun-filled window at 7pm at night, so maybe let's forgo those images ;) 

Here are some examples of recent night-time boudoir session