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It's the first full-day back in studio and we're setting it off with TWO boudoir sessions! I'll take that to mean that the holiday craziness has finally arrived. Luckily for us we really love the opportunity to get to create unique gifts for our clients. There are going to be so many lucky recipients of boudoir albums, scandalous 'sexts', and intimate wall-art. 

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Our week leading up to our holiday deadline are jam packed full, but there ARE still hours left to have your boudoir session in time for Valentine's day! Valentine's Day is RIGHT around the corner, with just a little over 2 months to go. 

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A reminder that our deadline to have your boudoir session for Valentine's day is February 2nd. We'll want to have at least a few weeks to plan your boudoir session, and January is nearly full! If you're thinking about booking a boudoir session for Valentine's day then step right up, ladies! Plus... it'll give you great incentive during the pie-temptations of the holidays. 

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