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Today I had a little discussion with the OWN team (read: an extremely active group text between Larissa, Kelsey and I) about which boudoir images of mine stood out to us. 

See, though we all work for the common goal of allowing each client to realize their OWN beauty, we have different opinions on how that is reached. I believe we used the phrases “hot-Sexy” vs “Beautiful-Sexy”. I know, I know… we are so original. Larissa gravitated more toward the “beautiful-sexy”, Kelsey more toward the “hot-sexy”, me… I gravitate toward the goal of my clients, and so I love it all!!!!! I appreciate when my boyfriend notices tiny details about me that he finds beautiful, but I also appreciate when he gets a little more graphic and makes a comment about my boobs. 

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If you take one look at our website and instagram you’ll see that we’ve got a large mix of the “hot-sexy” and the “beautiful-sexy”. We have insanely suggestive and erotic images mixed in with the beautifully classic feminine silhouette, and let’s not forget the smiles… one of the MOST beautiful things you can wear (I’ll attribute that quote to Coco Chanel or Abraham Lincoln.. I don’t have enough internet connection right now to google it). 

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Lately I find myself being moved to photograph details. 



Collar Bones

The little dimples above the butt

Bottom lips

Cute little moles*



Little side roles



The nape of the neck

Cheek Dimples


I could go on… but I digress… The goal of photographing the details of my clients, photographing the curve or her back, photographing the way she twists her hair… the goal is to make these boudoir images so specifically her OWN, so in tuned with the details that maker her herself, that she – or her love – immediately recognizes the details that are uniquely beautiful to her. Not only is she “hot-sexy”, she is “beautiful-sexy”, and for very specific reasons that she, and she only, owns. 

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*This “cute little moles” comment is in reference to a comment my boyfriend makes about a tiny little mole he loves that I have right smack-dab-in the middle of my neck.