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Whether or not we care to admit, we’ve all got mothers in common. Scientific advancements haven’t come so far (at least not yet) as to create humans sans mother-host and if they have then no one has let us in on that secret. We’re born and our lives with some sort of older human immediately begin. If you can read this then someone chose to keep you alive for a while, and that’s something to send a ‘thank you’ card for (even if the card ends up being a little passive aggressive at the end).


We may absolutely adore our mothers, we may not even know them. 

We may despise our mother’s so much that we wish there were two of her so that we could continue our hate. 

We may miss our mothers, and we may be incredibly sad for them. 

We may be expecting to be a mother, and we may have encountered the unexpected. 

We may wish with our entire soul that we could just once hear a heartbeat, and we may decide that we’d like to give that gift to someone else. 


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Motherhood comes in forms. Some of our mothers and some of you that are mothers are not necessarily related by DNA, but rather by your souls and the circumstances of this life. 

I am incredibly blessed to have known so many mothers in my life, my own mom included. On this mother’s day we are not only celebrating the fact that she someone raised 3 (mostly) independent adults over the course of the last 30ish years, but that in this last year she also kicked breast-cancer’s ass! She of course did this while being a stubborn little lady and continuing to work/cook/clean/flip houses/feed dogs/go on vacation/etc. 

My wish is that no matter your relationship with your blood-and-DNA mother I hope you have at least one woman in your life that you can look up to and love.

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