Why the second round of boudoir is a lot like 'Target' | Boudoir photography

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Jeni’s Ice cream has probably gotten the fare share of most of my paychecks since I discovered the creamy deliciousness 3 years ago. That delicious dairy goodness is right next in line to Target, a place in which I’ll just kindly nod when they ask me if I’ve spent an amount equal to a small Honda over the course of my life. You know where else I love to frequent? Movie theaters. Hellooooooooo AMC!!! I don’t care how bad the movie is (sorry 'Hunger Games part 24'), thank you for providing me with a few hours of solitary confinement mixed with unlimited popcorn and Diet Coke (and an adult juice box that I picked up at Publix). 

All of these places give me the tingles inside when I visit them.

Do you know why? It’s because I always have an incredible experience. They don’t judge me for sweatpants and dirty hair. They welcome me and make me feel super ridiculously special and pretty when I visit; yes, even AMC movie theaters (especially now that they have a bar and recliners… like, were you reading my diary?!!). 

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I know that as humans we only voluntarily re-visit places of business if this places have given us a positive experience and joy. Sure, we go to the DMV repeatedly but I doubt we are going there for pleasure. In fact, if your experience at the DMV looks anything like this (http://www.mrctv.org/videos/broad-city-2016-dmv) then I’m nearly 100% positive you’d never go back. 


That anecdote aside… when a client revisits me for a second (or third!) boudoir session, I am absolutely beyond completely flattered. For some reason you have decided that you’d like to spend another 4 hours of your life being half-naked for a boudoir session. You’ve decided that your current life is not complete without another visit in lingerie, a second set of incredible images, my super-dope playlists, and a parking experience in midtown Atlanta. Maybe you’re using this as an excuse to get out of your house. Maybe you’re realllyyyyyy craving the Vortex next door and just using a boudoir photoshoot as a cover. I don’t care, but thanks for making me a component. 

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In 2016 I’ve been able to see quite a few repeat boudoir clients. While I’ll work on their reasons later, I just want to say ‘thank you!!!!’ to those that have come again and ‘What are you waiting for?!!!’ to those that haven’t. Too often I hear that clients leave my studio with visions of lingerie, nudity, and red lips in their heads. What better way to make your visions come true then to come see me again?? 

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See? I’m so convincing. Just like Target convinces you that you need those cute little elephant candle holders and also an entirely new set of bluetooth speakers… along with that bulk jar of Monster trail mix.