This Atlanta stylist is using boudoir as her OWN inspiration...

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She came to me with a mission and a goal.

Her boudoir session was the start of her 6month journey toward wellness. She's transforming her life and challenging herself to be healthier both mentally and physically. 

The purpose of this boudoir session was to kick start (or kick herself in the ass?) the next few months. So many women come to me with the idea that they need to get healthy FIRST. I love the reversal that she brought to me. She said F*** it, I'm doing this NOW... and we can have a second boudoir session once I reach my goals so that we can measure how far I really came. 

I love that. 

There should be no wait, no hesitation, and no stalling in loving yourself.

Join me in getting pumped for her. She is already more gorgeous and confident than I could ever imagine, and so I'm slightly terrified that she'll be quite a force to be reckoned with. 

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Interested in booking your OWN boudoir session? Here you go.

*I'll be on tour this year! Destination boudoir, anyone? Cities include: Vegas, Chicago, New York, London, Miami, and New Orleans. If you're wanting something different for your photo shoot then consider a destination shoot.