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Yes, yes... I understand that the definition of 'boudoir' is "a woman's private room", but that definitely doesn't really go on to describe the room (or the boudoir, if you please). So for a bit, let's explore our imaginations and dream up what our ideal "woman's private room" would look like. 

For me?  I have constructed this list of non-negotiables. We'll title it: Sarah's Boudoir, and these qualities are in no particular order. 

1) Black-out curtains

2) Unlimited champagne

3) Bravo and HGTV 

4) The perfect temperature at all times (this obviously would fluctuate based on the season but this room would be smart enough to know exactly how hot or cold I wanted it to be)

5) Fluffy slippers

6) Fluffy carpet

7) A bomb-ass shower that didn't take 45min for the water to heat up

8) Glowing light so that I looked beautiful at all times of the day


Speaking of that shower.... my new studio has a killer shower in it and I've enjoyed getting to play around with a few experimental images! If you're up for it, I'd love to use the shower in your future session!

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